Review on Lessons 52-57 get,make,let,haveの使い分けが思ったよりも全然分かってない

Fill in the blanks with "make", "have", "let", or "get".
次の会話を読んで、"make", "have", "let", または "get" を使って穴埋めをしましょう。

  1. Mark : I'm sorry, but I don't think I can fix the toilet.
    Katie : It's okay. I will  ーーーthe maintenance man to come and fix it.
  2. Olivia : Why did you go to the meeting tonight?
    Daniel : I didn't have a choice. My boss  ーーーme go.
  3. Angelina : Would you please tell Oscar to call me back tonight?
    Ken : Sure, I will ーーー him know.
  4. Ms. Harris : Where is the document from the client? I need it tomorrow.
    Michael : Yes, ma'am. I will ーーー my assistant bring it to you this afternoon.
  5. Liz : I can’t finish packing our stuff. I think we should  ーーーmy brothers to help us. Samara : Are you sure? I don't want to bother them.
  1. Elizabeth : Thank you for the amazing dinner and the wonderful gift.
    Joseph : It's my pleasure. I hope I ーーー you happy, Beth.

Free Conversation

Directions: Let's use the phrases and the words you've learned during the lesson and talk about the following topics freely!


  1. Is there anything you usually LET others do in your everyday life? Why and when do you do that?
    EX: I usually let ladies go first.
  2. Is there anything you usually MAKE others do, or others make you do?
    Why and how do you do that?
    EX: I always make my wife happy.