It's been a while since I met my friend from United states last time.

I got motivated I owe it to Poule.


I like teacher on Native camp today. 

she' name is Ami. it likes Japanese name.

she from Cameroon.


I wark in a TV industry and I useally going on business trips many over seas.

but I've never been to southean part of Afurica.

I've been to Ejipt and Jordan but Midle east countris and southean part of Afurica have different culture. so I've always wanted to do to southean part of Afurica.


 Apparency Cameron has 240 mother tangues.

I was surprised when I heard of it because it was so different from Japan.


In addition, she teache me about Waza park in Cameroon.

give the fact, when I take a lesson on Native camp, I prepare for culture or famous things or sightseeing spot in cuntry of my teacher. that more have lively chat.