this is a l laptop. 

In recent years, many company and many families have it.

laptop can conect internet and conect relationships on the all over the world.

office workers make cliant comunications with sent e-mail from laptop.

students take a lecture online.

In paticular, there is pandemic covid19 this year.

laptops have sunk into our life.


this is a dicsionary.

when we find a word that we do not know, we look up the one in a dictionary.

If we check it out by ourselves is really good remembering new words.

recentry, other than paper dictionary, we use electric one.


this is an alarm clock.

we can know time is in now.

in addition to, we can set alarm  for likely time ourselves.

an alarm helps us to weak up early in the morning

and becouse of that we can leave school and office on time.


this is smart phone.

most people have one.

we recive a calle from work, parents, friends, and others.

smart phone makes us possibe to kill time.

the torend in the world those days is Youtube, tiktok and so on.

we can use SNS example facebook, Instagram, linkedin and so forth with smart phone.

on the internet, we can exchange opinions with different people from around the world.


this is a vacuum cleaner.

when we want to clean our room, we use one.

vaccume cleaner sucks up the garbage.

it makes easy to clean there.


this is a bysecle.

when we want to go other place from here. we raid one and arrive at the distance faster than walk.

and we feel nice brizze while we are riding one.


this is a fun.

when it's hot, we turn on a fun.

a fun sent a wind and chill the room.


this is a rimort contoroller.

it makes us comfort.

if we want to watch TV but don't want to move,

it makes enable to turn on the TV from we are in place.


this is pot.

we use one  when we cook.

example we want to stew grocery or something.

we throw vegitables, meat, fish and so on into the pot and simmer.

finaly, delicious food is ready.


this is a thermometer.

this one can take our tempreture.

when we feel chilly, we take our templeture with one.

If we have a fever, we should go to hospital.

If we have no a fever, we should rest our house.

it is used as a target for.


  • The Student chose textbook スピーキング 1 - 1 : What Is This and What Is It For?

  • The Student chose textbook スピーキング 1 - 1 : What Is This and What Is It For?

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • This is a laptop!

  • Recently many companies and many families use it.

  • You can communicate with people all over the world using the laptop.

  • Office workers communicate by sending emails through a laptop.

  • Many students use laptop when they take online lectures.

  • Out lives.

  • Our*

  • 1. This is a laptop. People use it to communicate with people around the world. Businessmen use a laptop for presentations. Students also use them in school for research and to aid their study.


  • aid = help, support

  • 2. This is a dictionary!

  • When we find a word that we don't know we look up the word in the dictionary.

  • If we check it out by ourselves, it's really good for remembering and learning new words.

  • Recently, other than paper dictionary, we can also use the online dictionary.

  • 2. This is a dictionary. We use it to find meanings of words and how to pronounce them correctly.


  • 3. This is an alarm clock!

  • We can know what time is now.

  • Addition to this, we can set an alarm clock whenever we want. (edited)

  • Alarm helps us to wake up early in the morning.

  • And because of that we can get to the office and school on time.

  • 3. This is an alarm clock. We use it to wake us up on a specified time or when we are taking naps


  • nap = short sleep


  • 4. This is a smartphone!


  • Most people have one.


  • We receive calls from parents, friends, work and others.


  • Smartphone is good for killing time.


  • We can use all kinds of trendy applications like TikTok, Instagram etc.


  • On the internet we can exchange opinions with other people from all across the globe.


  • globe = world

  • globe /glowb/ (edited)

    グローブ/ glohb /

  • 4. This is a smartphone. A smartphone is a device we use daily which makes it possible for you to speak to someone in another place who has a similar device. We can also access social networking sites in the palm of our hands or take pictures and play games from various apps.


  • SNS = social networking sites

  • 5. This is a vacuum cleaner!

  • When we want to clean our room, we use a vacuum cleaner.


  • Vacuum cleaner sucks up the dirt.


  • It makes it easy to clean the surface of the fool, furniture, carpets etc. (edited)


  • 5. This is a vacuum cleaner. It is used to suck up dust and dirt from floors and from other surfaces such as upholsteries and draperies.


  • upholsteries = furniture


  • draperies = curtains


  • draparies /drayperies/

  • 6. This is a bicycle.

  • When we want to go to some other place, we ride one and arrive at the location faster then by walking.

  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • We feel a nice windy breeze when we ride a bike. (edited)

  • 6. This is a bicycle. It can be used for recreational and transport purposes.


  • recreation = hobby


  • 7. This is a fan.

  • When it's hot we turn on a fan.

  • A fan sends the wind and it cools down the room temperature.

  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 3 分となりました。

  • 7. This is an electric fan. We use it most on a hot day to keep us nice and cool.

  • 8. This is a remote controller!

  • It makes us comfortable, if we want to watch Tv but dont wanna move.

  • We switch channels from a longer distance without moving from the place.

  • 8. This is a remote control. It is used to operate a device, such as a DVD or TV wirelessly from a short distance.

    8.これはリモコンです。 DVDやTVなどのデバイスを短距離からワイヤレスで操作するために使用されます。

  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 1 分となりました。

  • 8. This is a cooking pot. We use it for cooking. We also use it to boil water or cook a delicious pork stew!

  • This is a digital thermometer.



  • The Student chose textbook スピーキング 1 - 1 : What Is This and What Is It For?

  • The Student chose textbook スピーキング 1 - 1 : What Is This and What Is It For?

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • brownout


  • blackout


  • no electricity


  • strong wind


  • has the strongest wind


  • flood


  • flooded

  • cars had turned upside down


  • global warming


  • climate change


  • countryside


  • few people have coronavirus


  • my friend told me


  • concentration


  • focus


  • writer


  • screenwriter


  • shift in career


  • business


  • strict


  • produces always gets mad at director


  • 慣れる

    Get used to

  • get higher position


  • Coordinator will have appointment with Japanese World Heritage staff

  • Coordinate with different World Heritage Staffs

  • Coordinator makes us allow to shoot camera.

  • becouse Coordinator can contact to other countries world heritage's staff.

  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • ワクチン


  • vaccine

  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 3 分となりました。

  • I should speak english more


  • order of words


  • Money heist