Tyler Perry, a Rags to Riches Success Story

  • The Student chose textbook デイリーニュース 全記事(初級) - 56 : [Level 3-5] Tyler Perry, a Rags to Riches Success Story

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • Yes, I think it's important to keep trying to achieve something despite multiple failures, because trying hard to achieve something important for you and not giving up builds good character. For example, refusing to give up makes you become more resilient and accepting of life's hurdles.


  • Yes, I think a bad childhood can push someone to work hard in life because people who have a bad childhood can end up with higher adaptability. For example, when people encounter problems, those who have experienced bad situations can usually find ways to overcome the problems easier.


  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • Yes, I think he is a good role model because of how he handled his own failure. For example, when his first play failed, Perry kept trying until he succeeded, and I think this is an excellent lesson for people to learn not to give up but always learn and improve.