Wines Increase Awareness About a Disease Called PANDAS ワインがパンダスという病気の認知度を高める

  • The Student chose textbook デイリーニュース 全記事(初級) : 81 : [Level 4-5] Wines Increase Awareness About a Disease Called PANDAS

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • inflammation diagnosed Streptococcus anxiety raise a glass


  • Anxiety - A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

  • 検診


  • 確立

  • 確率


  • 血圧

    blood pressure

  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 3 分となりました。

  • No, I don't go to the hospital for regular check-ups. Almost all Japanese have a regular check-up every year, but I hate going to the hospital to get a regular check-up. I only have a check-up for my height, weight, my eyes, and dental check-up. But if it's another health check-up like cancer and other diseases I don't like that.


  • I think x-ray has a bad effect on our health. If I want to check for cancer and take an x-ray examination many times it might increase the probability of getting cancer.


  • There is an idiom that says, " Your mind controls your head". If I think about being sick and should go to the hospital it only makes things worse.


  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 1 分となりました。

  • Yes, I do, I think it is important to have a regular check-up. For example, if I have high or low blood pressure and my weight is heavy or light so the doctor advised I should do more exercise or eat some meat or vegetables. Other ways would be broadcasting on the news, social media/SNS it has a big effect on the world. For example, when doctors spread awareness on SNS or on Youtube they can inform everybody

    はい、そうです。定期健診が重要だと思います。たとえば、血圧が高いまたは低い場合、体重が重いまたは軽い場合、医師はもっと運動をするか、肉や野菜を食べるようにアドバイスしました。他の方法は、ニュース、ソーシャルメディア/ SNSで放送することであり、それは世界に大きな影響を及ぼします。たとえば、医師がSNSYoutubeで意識を広めると、すべての人に知らせることができます