Biden Promises to Fight Against Global Warming バイデン氏が地球温暖化との戦いを約束

  • The Student chose textbook デイリーニュース 全記事(初級) : 82 : [Level 4-5] Biden Promises to Fight Against Global Warming

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  • Biden Promises to Fight Against Global Warming


  • Science/ Technology


  • 1. threat ( noun) - US /θret/ UK /θret/ a suggestion that something unpleasant or violent will happen, especially if a particular action or order is not followed The country is a serious threat to world peace.

  • 2. extreme ( adj) - US /ɪkˈstriːm/ UK /ɪkˈstriːm/ very severe or bad She went on an extreme diet.

  • 3. carbon footprint ( noun) - US /ˌkɑːr.bən//ˈfʊt.prɪnt/ UK /ˌkɑː.bən//ˈfʊt.prɪnt/ a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the activities of a person, company, organization, etc We hope to reduce the carbon footprint of our delivery trucks.

  • 4. emission ( noun) - US /iˈmɪʃ.ən/ UK /iˈmɪʃ.ən/ an amount of a substance that is produced and sent out into the air that is harmful to the environment, especially carbon dioxide These health risks are caused by vehicle emissions.

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  • ( eX. buses, cars, motorcycles, trains) (edited)

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  • Questions

  • 1. What will happen if the average temperature rises 1.5 ºC? 2. What do Biden's plans aim to do? 3. Which countries have already agreed to cut emissions?

  • Answers

  • 1. Answer : A. extreme weather will increase


  • 2. Answer : C. help the planet and create many new jobs

  • 3. Answer : B. Japan, China, and South Korea

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  • 1.5 degrees celsius


  • flood promises invest $2 trillion efficient reach green spaces Democratic Senate Republican senators laws world


  • celsius- sel-syuz

  • flood

  • promises

  • invest two trillion dollars

  • $2 Trillion

  • efficient

  • reach

  • Democratic

  • Republican- ( re-pab-li-kan)

  • Senators


  • laws

  • world

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  • Q1. Would you buy an electric vehicle? (edited)

  • Answer. No, I wouldn't because it has a good effect on the environment, The price is too high and I can't afford it.

  • Q2. Is there a way for you to help fight against global warming? Explain.

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  • Sample answer: (1) Yes, I would because they are better for the environment. For example, electric cars don't produce any harmful gases, so electric cars can help improve the air quality in the cities.

  • 2. Is there a way for you to help fight against global warming? Explain.

  • Answer. Yes, We should cut our energy consumption.

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  • By taking a short shower, Turning off lights and TV when leaving the room.

  • Sample answer: Yes, there is. One way to help fight against global warming is by conserving energy whenever we can. For example, we should always remember to turn off the lights and unplug appliances when we are not using them.

  • 3. Do you think your country would be affected by global warming?