Is It Time for a Career Change? 【レベル4-5】キャリアを変える時期?

  • The Student chose textbook デイリーニュース 全記事(初級) : 104 : [Level 4-5] Is It Time for a Career Change?

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • I haven't spoken to her yet.

  • If you want the job, you should just go after it.

  • I'm new as a food blogger.

  • I've been actively looking for a job for six months.

  • A good meal provides a feeling of well-being.

  • 1. According to John Philpott, how many people are actively thinking about changing jobs?

  • A. one in three people

  • 2. What is good about working for yourself?

  • C. more well-being

  • 3. In what industries can people now find more jobs?

  • C. IT and public services

  • entertainment, lives, sudden, nowadays,


  • エンターテインメント、生活、突然、今日、

    Entertainment, life, suddenly today,

  • 1. Do you think the COVID-19 lockdowns gave people more time to think about their careers?

    1. COVID-19の封鎖により、人々は自分のキャリアについて考える時間が増えたと思いますか?

  • A lot of jobs styles were changed.


  • During Covid 19 we got more time to stay at home.

  • So, we could think more about our careers, future and our dreams.

  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • 2. Do you think that changing jobs is a good thing?

  • Depends on person.

  • If he/she wants to change the job I think that is a good idea. They should change their job. Because new experience is good for us as changing environment.


  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 3 分となりました。

  • 3. Would you prefer to work for yourself or work for a company?

  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 1 分となりました。

  • If you want safer life you should work for a company. The salary is more secure.