fantasize(daydream)situation① 地名を使う色々なself-introduction

I was supposed to be in English scool of Bagio

But I couldn't there due to (becouse of) COVID19


★temprature (degree Celsius)

(My frind told me that) Bagio is at high altitude (evelation), so it's cooler then it is at lower altitude, right?


I'm from Hokkaido. Hokkaido is northan most prifecture in Japan.

Hokkaido has many festival. one of the most famous festival is the Sapporo winter festival.more than twp handreds snow statues and ice sculptures are displayed there.

Also, great number of  people from different (other countly) come to Hokkaido. they enjoyment in winter supports such as sky and snowbord.


I prefer hot wether to cold wether.

I'm jerouse. I wish I move to warm place.

I prefer directry beneath the equater to cold wether!  But I've never been there.