After Trump, Will the Presidency Recede?

  • The Student chose textbook デイリーニュース 全記事(初級) : 77 : [Level 4-5] After Trump, Will the Presidency Recede?

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • Honey

  • Ai

  • ney

  • C. Barack Obama

  • B. the high status of the president

  • A. we look at the person

  • status


  • Caroline


  • Lafayette


  • I think social media is better because it has a big effect to spread the word quickly. So, if he wants to spread his opinions, he can talk and use youtube or something then people can watch it using the internet soon.

  • I think holding press conferences is better than communicating through social media because reporters at the conference can ask questions. For example, after the announcements, journalists can ask questions that will help provide more information that people want to know about in connection to the announcement.


  • Yes, I do. I think it's difficult to be a leader of a country because the leader is the most important position in the country. He/She has to decide on the big issues and problems. So, he should be very smart and clever. I think it's very exhausting to manage the country.

  • Yes, I think it's difficult to be the leader of a country because it can be very tiring. For example, you have to stay up to date on information not just from your country, but from other countries as well, and make very important decisions whenever action is necessary.


  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • Yes, I do. I think that a president needs to be in constant communication with citizens because they have to get the trust of citizens so they must communicate to citizens every time. If we have no trust in the president, the people will be against the government and protest (edited)