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  • The Student chose textbook SIDE by SIDE 4 - 32 : Chapter 5-2 Page 68-69

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • JR

  • Ai

  • John Rhey

  • Ai-love

  • 原作


  • 言の葉の庭,

  • 君の膵臓をたべたい

  • 映画 聲の形

    A Silent Voice

  • 見分けがつかない


  • distinguish


  • distinguish

  • unpredictable

  • 特攻野郎Aチーム

  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • The Greatest showman


  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 3 分となりました。

  • La la land

  • Yesterday

  • The beatles

  • ─レッスン終了まで残り 1 分となりました。

  • Horror movies (edited)



  • The Student chose textbook SIDE by SIDE 4 - 32 : Chapter 5-2 Page 68-69

  • レッスンが開始しました。

  • Mymy

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  • Tokyo

  • I Hope Our Team Wins the Game Tomorrow】

  • I hope it rains tomorrow.

  • I hope I get the job.

  • I hope the cake isn't burnt.

  • I hope the cake be burnt.

  • I hope the weather is nice this weekend.

  • be

  • is

  • are

  • I hope our dinner guests aren't late.

  • I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

  • I hope our new boss is friendly.

  • I hope Dad isn't laid off again.

  • I hope we are invited to our English teacher's birthday party.

  • I hope not. If the train is crowded, we'll have to stand. And if we have to stand, we'll be exhausted by the time we get to work!


  • I hope not. If the boss retires this year, his son will take his place. And if his son takes his place, everybody will quit.


  • worse


  • getting bad

  • I hope not. If the economy gets worse this year, I'll have to get a second job. And if I get a second job, my family will be very upset.


  • I hope not. If Mr. Mudge increases our rent this year, we won't be able to pay it. And if we aren't able to pay it, we'll have to move.


  • I hope not. If our computer is at the repair shop for a long time, we won't have access to the Internet. And if we don't have access to the Internet, we won't be able to read our e-mail.


  • 5 years

  • Nagano

  • Onsen

  • hot springs

  • ―復習タイムの時間となりました。

  • naked